What is Science4Life?  

Science4Life is a registered society that supports founders and young entrepreneurs in the field of Life Sciences, Chemistry, and Energy. It is supported by the Government of the State of Hesse in Germany, by the global healthcare leader Sanofi and by more than 300 companies and institutions. Science4Life was established in 1998 with the annual business plan competition as core activity. The total price money of the business plan competition is 77.000€.

My company has not been founded yet, can I participate in the business plan competition? 

Anyone having an idea in the field of Life Sciences, Chemistry or Energy can participate, it is not necessary that you have your company already incorporated. However, if you have already founded your company, you can participate as well provided your company is not older than one year.

How much does the participation cost? 

Participation is free of charge.

Are there regional limitations to the competition?  

Participation is not restricted to Germany.

How do I apply for the competition? 

Registration is possible at www.science4life.de.

How is the business plan competition structured? 

There are three phases in the business plan competition: Idea Phase (Phase 1), Concept Phase (Phase 2), Business Plan Phase (Phase 3). You can take part in all three phases or just pick the phase(s) which is (are) most suitable for you.

Can I apply for the competition if I missed or skipped the idea or the concept phase? 

It is possible to skip the first and or second phase. You can enter the competition just to participate in the last two phases or to participate only in the business plan phase. There will be no kind of disadvantage in the assessment or rating of your submission since the review procedures for the different phases are completely separated and independent from each other.

How does participation pay off for me? 

The main benefit is the detailed written feedback on your submission giving you important guidance on your further business strategy. This feedback comes from experienced coaches and experts from industry and science. In addition, each participant is provided with a comprehensive business plan manual guiding the preparation of your documents. You will have access to seminars, workshops and other activities for founders organized by Science4Life and our partners. Last but not least, you have the chance to meet current and former participants, successful founders, our experts and coaches and to become part of our growing network. After all, a price money with the total sum of 77.000€ is at stake.


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